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At the wheel of the Migrant Worker Ministry is Rev. Augusto Núñez, priest in charge at St. Saviour, Orono since 2017. Our ministry is making a significant impact on the quality of life and spiritual care of the workers. As a working member of the body of Christ, we seek to proclaim the Gospel. We provide services in Spanish and English for the workers to support them and help them live out their faith.



The working season can be difficult for a migrant worker as not only is the job tough, but they are apart from the family and in a foreign culture. We help them bridge that gap by holding cultural nights, which not only gives them a feeling of home, but can teach community members that attend more about the culture of the resident migrants



We are an Anglican Christian expression of the mission of Christ. So, we are committed to caring for migrant farm workers through spiritual, practical, and social support. We are a family to them while they work away from home.


What is our Impact?


Watsons Farm

"Fr. Augusto, thank you for all that you have given us, the clothes, the food, and for being attentive to our needs in all the seasons that we worked here. God bless and may the Lord give you more."

Miguel Rodrigea 

Lintons Farm

"I am very grateful to God for allowing me to come to work here in Canada to be able to bring bread to my family and this year I have felt very happy and grateful for the support that the ministry has given me and my coworkers, it is a pleasure to meet with these types of people who support you without expecting anything in return. I hope to return next year and to continue our friendship with you. Thank you so much for everything. Greetings"

Fermino Rivera

Watsons Farm

"I want to thank you for the support that you have given us this season and before. In reality we do not have a way to pay you, for all the support that we have received from you. Many blessings to you for all the that you have done for us. Many thanks and we will be in touch"


Good Year Farm Beaverton

"Hello, greetings from your friend and brother Jeremías García or better known as Jimmy ... through this writing I thank God for the life that he gives us every day. I also thank Pd Ted and Pd Augusto for their attention that they have given to us Mexican workers. Thank you for the food that they shared with us many times and many other things. And thanks to all that are connected to them who were able to make us get those very rich meals, thank you very much."
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