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Vision Statement

We are an Anglican expression of mission in action committed to caring for migrant farm workers through spiritual, practical, and social support.


I am Reverend Augusto Nunez, the presiding Minister of St. Saviours, Orono and the director and pastor for the Migrant Worker Ministry. Building on the work of the Rev. Canon Ted McCollum and the Rev. Canon Kit Greaves, we have established an innovative, meaningful ministry to migrant farm workers in the Durham Region and Northumberland County.


What I do

Migrant farm workers spend most of their time at the farms on which they work. They have long working hours for 6 or 7 days each week. When they first arrive from their home country, they do not know anyone apart from the people they meet on the farm, so their lives can be isolated and separated from people who live in nearby towns or communities. For the Mexican workers, a language barrier exists as well, as most of these workers only speak Spanish. Reverend Augusto reaches out directly to the migrant workers by travelling to the farms. He gets to know the farm owners and the migrant workers who live and work on the farms.

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