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Your support means that we can have a greater impact on the men we serve and extend that impact to many others. We thank you for your generosity and please continue to pray for our team and the men.


other ways to donate

BY E-transfer:

Using security answer church

(please follow up with an email with your contact detail for receipt)


by mail:

St. Saviour’s Anglican Church

23 Mill St. P.O. Box 435

Orono, Ont. L0B 1M0

Designate cheque to “Migrant Worker Ministry."


What we need:

Non-perishable Food:
• Sugar,
• Salt,
• Instant coffee,
• White rice,
• Cooking oil,
• Small Water bottles,
• Soft drinks
• Snacks: potato chips, Doritos
• and eggs.

Mexican specific:

Corn tortillas, (different than flour tortillas).
Caribbean specific:

Cornmeal, canned corn beef, tinned mackerel.


Hygiene or cleaning supplies (New):

• Toilet Paper
• Shampoo & conditioner
• Detergent (small bottles of laundry detergent 75 oz or less),
• Toothpaste,
• Bar soap,
• Deodorant,
• Aftershave,
• Shaving razors

• Pots and pans (frying pan and saucepans) & Dishwashing liquid.
• Backpacks, wheel luggage and blanket

Clothing: We accept clean & Washed items only

• T-shirts, M, L, XL
• Long sleeve and short sleeve button shirts,
• Jeans and work pants, shorts (sizes 30-42 )
• Hoodies, Winter coats

• New socks and underwear (in pkg)
• Belts
• Ball caps, winter hats, touques

Please contact us if you are interested in donating!

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