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Migrant Ministry

our history

Building on the work of the Rev. Canon Ted McCollum and the Rev. Canon Kit Greaves, beginning in the 2009 the Diocese of Toronto recognized the need for missional outreach to the migrant workers. This ministry has been funded in part by a Ministry Allocation Fund (MAF) grants from May 1, 2017 to present. The Trent-Durham Area Council has been a partner in funding this ministry. Other support includes St. Saviour’s, Orono, where Augusto serves part-time as priest, local Deaneries, parishes, and other individuals and agencies.


the present

MWM, headed by Reverend Augusto and supported by its board members and volunteers, has expanded it services and communities reached. Significant connections have been made with social agencies, community services, local networks, and other churches to access programs and assistance that promote wellbeing for the workers. In addition, activities, and events such as fiestas and health fairs are organized by Rev. Augusto, which establish and promote contact and engagement with the workers.

cultral diversity

Our Migrant Workers come from Central America and the Caribbean. Comprised mostly of Mexicans, a large contingent is not fluent in English and are in need of translators. To bridge the gap between community and workers, we do presentations in churches and our communities.



During the pandemic, our ministry had to adapt and change due to the restrictions imposed by Public Health authorities. As part of the ongoing work of the ministry, Reverend Augusto recruits and organizes volunteers from the community including several Anglican Churches to collect, sort and deliver food to the farms. We have been distributing more food due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. Monthly Fiestas are cancelled, but we have begun going to the farms to have dinners, church services and music concert together with them.


"We are all One Body in Christ"



Orono, Ontario


Christ Church

Oshawa, Ontario


St. John's

Ida, Ontario


St. John's

Peterborough, Ontario


St. Paul's

Beaverton, Ontario


St. John's

Bowmanville, Ontario


St. George's

Pickering Village, Ontario

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